Blue Needle Quartz Bracelet(19.2-19.7mm/126.9g)

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Touhou Katrina: Anytime Psychic
9 Days of Purification: Formatting the Dark Signals of the Crystals
9-day blessing: increase the vibration frequency of the crystal to create a true carrier of light
High Frequency Crystals: Awaken Your Soul
Looking for a mission: Spiritual knowledge and high-frequency crystals will walk with you

A Mineral Anomaly That Even Science Can't Explain
If that wasn't the work of an angel, what would it be?
Do you want to be helped by angels?
Want to be guided by an angel?
Come wear him!
Blue needle crystal!
There is a kind of crystal, he is invited by the high degree of love of the holy light world, and comes to our world with angel wings, but he will only choose those who actively move towards the holy light.
He is a beautiful life with angel wings, and his name is: Blue Needle.
The blue needle crystal contains the temperament of the world of holy light. It has a unique power of holy light. This kind of holy light power comes from the heaven. With the help of the inclusiveness of white crystal, it is stored inside the crystal.
In everyday situations, you can't catch these wonderful angel wings, but you put him in the light or in the strong sunlight
Appreciate carefully, and you can find that the blue sacred wings are displayed inside the crystal, but the magical thing is that there is no entity inside the crystal, once it encounters light, the wings carrying the halo of the holy angel will appear. These magnificent wings are a piece of light and a guiding message of light. Interestingly, until now, no scholars have researched the exact reason for its formation.
As the blue needle crystal that imparts the guiding power of the holy light world, what do you want to express to the current human beings?
The blue needle crystal, as the bridge for the holy descending of the Holy Light Messenger, acts as a home letter for the Holy Light team to guide human beings with high spirituality.
The angels in the Holy Light family are pure and beautiful, and they contain a high degree of sympathy and understanding for the negative trauma suffered by human beings. They want to spread the power of the Holy Light in the inner world of human beings, and lead human beings’ ego personality Gradually move towards evolution and perfection in the manifestation of consciousness of light and love.
The experience of human beings in this school on the earth, due to the interference or intervention of negative energy, has caused human minds to gradually deviate from the acquisition and execution of light, and more because of the material abundance brought by technology. As a guide, give up the spiritual pursuit of sacred light and friendship.
During this process, Angel Wings is good at discovering the cracks in human souls. These cracks show the pursuit and desire of human beings for the power of light, as well as the confrontation caused by excessive obsession with the material world. In all the gaps, the power of angel wings can enter this narrow gap, and guide the ego consciousness in people's hearts in a highly intimate and friendly way, so that it can maintain the purity of the heart and the rightness in this age of excessive material development. The pursuit of a higher human mission.
The blue needle crystal can be used to help human beings strip away the excessive material pursuit and the personal mental thinking mode oriented by the operation of the material world after the excessive precipitation and manifestation of the submarine chakra, so that human beings can transfer the pursuit of excessive low frequency to a higher range Explore and quest.
The blue needle crystal contains the mysterious guidance of angels to human beings. He will present special abundant powers to each human being according to their specificity. These abundant powers may come from inspiration, thinking after meditation, or some kind of "opening Awareness of the state of enlightenment.
Blue needle crystal, people who have been friends with angels for a long time will eventually become angels!

Customer Reviews

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angel's message

I like the crystal of blue needle very much, it is said that there is information from angels

Peter Lou Ssha
The blue needle crystal hits the soul directly

The blue needle crystal hits the soul directly, there is no way to describe his beauty, he can bring me good luck

This is the most special blue needle

This is the most special blue needle, I was attracted by him at first sight, it has a lot of rainbow inside, super special!