Purple Jade Bone Marrow Bracelet/Purple chalcedony(15.6-16.3mm/79.7g)

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Fried chicken, french fries, cola, are these foods your daily intake?
Do you like to eat fried and puffed food?
These foods will affect your growth and development, cause obesity, and lead to unbalanced nutrition.
Do you want to get rid of the negative effects of these puffed, greasy foods on you?

Then use purple chalcedony to help you eliminate food waste in your body.
What is purple chalcedony?
Purple is a noble color, symbolizing holiness, nobility, calmness, love, elegance, supreme power, etc. Purple is usually associated with wealth, luck, nobility, luxury, etc.
Purple chalcedony is the rarest type of chalcedony jewelry. The purple chalcedony we bring to you is a translucent crystal state, very beautiful and moving.
What does the beautiful and friendly Chalcedony family want to convey to humans?
Purple chalcedony is the sincere blessing and expression of love from the chalcedony family to mankind.
He carries a warm, clean, and soft light, which can penetrate the pores of the skin and reach the spiritual space and spiritual channels inside the body.
During the long-term resonance of the human body with food at the same frequency, there will be accumulations of gray magnetic fields, which affect the quality of the connection between the human body and the spiritual channel. When the transparent purple light of amethyst chalcedony is guided inside the human body, the light will dissolve those gray magnetic fields in an embracing gesture. The food magnetic field full of emotional ego power is discharged deep in the stomach and intestines inside the human body. The source of these magnetic fields is that human beings use the power of food to resist negative emotional mechanisms. Such resistance methods also have escape, confusion or chaotic mental models. , they settle deep in the stomach and have an impact on human behavior patterns.
When the power of purple chalcedony penetrates deep into the stomach and eliminates these gray magnetic fields, the purple halo energy also descends. They permeate the cells and molecules in each stomach and intestines. Intensive restoration and remodeling.
A large number of human diets are filled with fast food, meal replacements and other convenient ways of ingesting food. These ways also imperceptibly add a fast clockwork to our life, and amethyst chalcedony acts as a transit mechanism in this process , He will precipitate the follow-up effects of these "quickness", so that the rhythm displayed in people's life and work can reach a harmonious and stable state.
Purple chalcedony, a beautiful figure, makes you healthier the more you wear it.

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