Aquamarine Bracelets(14.3-14.7mm/66.2g)

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Do you have a speech impediment?

For example, when receiving a well-prepared gift from your partner, blurt out "Why are you wasting money again";

When seeing the child's perfect score in the test paper, he restrained his joy and said lightly, "Isn't this what it should be, the test paper is so simple";

When I worked overtime and won a big project and was praised by the leader, I said "I'm not tired or tired"......

These are very common scenes in life. Have you expressed your true thoughts?
Are you sure there is no other "inner drama" when you say it?

The answer is no, you wish that your partner loves you in this sweet way every day, that you don’t have to worry about your children’s studies, that your job is promoted and your salary is raised, and your boss praises you every day...but the result is completely opposite.

The actual situation is that it is not an easy task to say what you say to truly and accurately reflect your own thoughts and feelings, and at the same time make others understand and accept it happily.

We often don’t communicate directly when things don’t happen as expected, or we need to make demands on others, but guess, figure out what other people think and think about ourselves, or draw conclusions and judge by ourselves.

The throat chakra will make people have the confidence to express their true thoughts freely, with a clear mind, a firm voice, and the ability to clearly explain opinions and express emotions. At the same time, we become empathetic listeners, listening to others with tenderness and patience, and responding effectively.
If you were often criticized and denied by your elders when you were young, and your personal ideas were not valued and affirmed by others, you will gradually block your throat chakra: you are afraid of publicly revealing your innermost feelings and true feelings, and gradually close yourself off, while eager to be seen and understood by others.
On the other hand, if there is too much energy in the Vishuddhi chakra, people will speak too much, too fast, too loudly. They only care about expressing themselves, want to persuade others, and like to control the conversation, so that others cannot approach them.
The unity of heart and mouth is the embodiment of the opening of the throat chakra, and it is the pure state that our life itself should have.
So, how to heal the Vishuddhi?
You need Aquamarine, a healing crystal that works directly on the Vishuddhi.

Aquamarine is all called beryl in mineralogy, and aquamarine, emerald, and emerald are all called beryl in mineralogy. It is a very precious gemstone, its color is sky blue to sea blue or greenish blue beryl. Its color is mainly due to the trace amount of ferrous ions (Fe2+), which belongs to the hexagonal crystal system.
Legend has it that this beautiful gem is produced on the bottom of the sea and is the essence of sea water, so navigators use it to pray to the god of the sea to bless the safety of navigation, and call it "the stone of fortune".
Aquamarine has long been regarded as the "Stone of the Brave" and a symbol of happiness and eternal youth. Many countries in the world regard aquamarine as the "March birthstone", symbolizing calmness, bravery and wisdom. Westerners believe that wearing aquamarine can make people have foresight. At the same time, it also has hypnotic and evil powers and magical medical value. Water soaked with aquamarine can cure eye diseases, gas and hiccups.
What kind of words does the brave gift of the sea-Aquamarine want to tell mankind?
Aquamarine belongs to the healing spar that expresses the attributes of the system. Their energy is direct, capable and transparent. Those human beings whose process of displaying the power of the throat chakra in the inner world of the heart chakra is not smooth, if they accept Aquamarine, they are also moving towards the implementation of their willingness to honestly show their true thoughts.
Aquamarine has a power of emptiness, which is different from the crystal babies in the Asais family. The emptiness possessed by Asai guides people to pursue a higher spiritual reality. The emptiness of Aquamarine Power is the most complete core component of the heart chakra, which is generated through the throat chakra, and the whole process is not affected by the personal ego mind. This is a simple and direct way of expression. In the process of the evolution and development of material civilization, human beings have discarded and discarded thoughts. They deeply believe that skills and debates are ways to increase the prestige of speaking, ignoring the relationship between human beings. honesty. The arrival of Aquamarine makes the communication between human beings more pure.
Human beings need dialogue between hearts, and the throat chakra is a direct bridge and channel for human beings to communicate with each other. Aquamarine soothes the weak throat chakra in this process, and replenishes the desire and courage to express it.
Aquamarine, a blue gem, emits a blue halo, which contains the agility of water. It allows us to use beautiful and sincere voices as a vocal technique in the process of communication, so that it is easy for the other party to listen and accept.
Aquamarine, let you get the link between heart and heart, and make the most beautiful voice.

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