Auralite23 Bracelet(11.0-11.4mm/35.2g)

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Want to know who the oldest family of crystals on Earth is?
His name is Auralite23.
Why is His name called Auralite23?

Due to the special mission, when it is mined, each template is composed of at least 17 different ores, up to 23 kinds! So this mysterious ancient crystal is called Auralite23.
Auralite23 crystals belong to amethyst crystals, which are usually composed of amethyst and titanium-gold associated minerals. Although Auralite23 belongs to the purple titanium family, it is the most unique scenery in the purple titanium family. It is as rare as the aurora that appears in the sky.

Regarding the energy introduction of Auralite23, you must have heard the same introduction about it.
Fortunately, we can learn about the special power of crystals by communicating with them.
The following content is the information obtained after communicating with the Auralite23 family:
Auralite23 crystal is the representative of the ancient family in the crystal family. Their energy is about the ancient origin of the human soul.
Auralite23 has an inclusive and accepting attitude towards other allies of the crystal family, which makes the Auralite23 crystal have a comprehensive power base. Such comprehensive power can allow our soul energy to be fully calibrated with it.
When we connect with Auralite23 with an attitude of tolerance and acceptance, those original wounds that have been deposited in the depths of our souls will gradually surface. These soul wounds accompany us from generation to generation. our birth. We are entangled in the programming patterns brought about by these wounds, and we are also allowing bad forces to continue to accompany our lives.
In this process, Auralite23 acts as an elderly elder, who embraces our decadent and restless soul with steady and caring emotions. When the full strength needed by the soul is met, the wounds of the soul will also be healed.
You can put Auralite23 by your side at any time, allowing yourself to fully accept His healing and love for souls.
We specially created the exclusive Auralite23 meditation audio for those who have purchased the Auralite23 crystal. When you resonate with the pure and ancient power of Auralite23, this high-energy meditation audio can lead us into the Auralite23 family domains. When we receive the profound guidance and care from the Auralite23 family, our soul and body will also be healed and cared for.

Looking forward to you and me to appreciate the beautiful resonance of high-frequency crystals!

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So cute and brings me good luck every day!

The four-color aurora is distinct and beautiful! Magic power! ! So cute and brings me good luck every day!