Blood Amber Bracelets

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Do you feel lethargic and get tired easily?
Standing in front of the mirror, is your complexion pale?
If the above answers are yes, it is very likely that your blood is insufficient!
What can cause Qi and blood deficiency?
Long-term staying up late, improper diet, big mood swings, and menstrual periods will all lead to insufficient Qi and blood.
What gems do I need to wear to help me with insufficient Qi and blood?
Blood amber!
Blood amber, as one of the precious medicinal materials in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, can just help you replenish qi and blood and revitalize your energy and spirit!
It not only has many functions such as nourishing qi and blood, moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, but also is praised by many Chinese medicine practitioners as "the pearl of life protection", and is widely used in Chinese medicine treatment and health care.
Where is blood amber sacred?
In ancient times, not many people could own amber. According to the "Xijing Miscellaneous Notes" of the Tang Dynasty, Zhao Feiyan, after Emperor Cheng of the Han Dynasty, liked to sleep on amber pillows to absorb fragrance. At the same time, amber was also used as coins for exchanging goods, offerings for worshiping gods, and making royal jewelry and temple sacred utensils.
Blood amber, he is a noble among ambers, and it is even more precious and rare.
Modern science has proved that blood amber is red because amber (mainly golden amber) is oxidized. This oxidation not only occurs on the surface, but also gradually spreads to the interior as time goes by. Once this process spreads throughout the amber interior, blood amber is formed.
The conditions for the formation of blood amber are very strict. When the ancient resin is buried in the ground, the surrounding temperature needs to be kept at around 80°C for a long time and stably (it will melt if the temperature is high, and it cannot be oxidized if the temperature is low). It takes tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of years to oxidize into blood amber.
In addition, the high temperature environment also makes the surface of blood amber very prone to weathering patterns, and these weathering patterns will affect the yield of blood amber, so it is very difficult to own a complete blood amber.
Since the oxidation process of blood amber is from the outside to the inside, from deep to shallow, it is easy to cause uneven color in the process of polishing the beads. Pure natural blood amber beads with uniform blood and clear texture are natural blood amber. The best of the best, the price is even higher.
In recent years, the price of blood amber has been rising continuously, and the price of the best blood amber is naturally higher.
The blood amber we bring to you is the treasure accumulated over the years. Their color is uniform, complete, and transparent, and each one is like a high-end and precious ruby!
Blood amber is the nobleman in amber, it is one of the most popular amber accessories, and many female friends have a soft spot for blood amber accessories.
During the Qing Dynasty, Empress Dowager Cixi used blood amber to massage her face to improve blood circulation and make her face look rosy and shiny.
In the Republic of China, blood amber became the top treasure pursued by dignitaries and ladies. At that time, the price of blood amber was three times more expensive than gold bars. Now, the price of good-quality blood amber is more than 10 times that of gold.
The medicinal value of blood amber is very high!
Pain relief: The ingredients in the blood-colored amber are extremely complex, including a substance called ether, which is familiar to everyone. A small amount of ether can relieve pain and paralyze the nerves. It can also refresh the mind and treat insect bite wounds.
Antioxidant effect: Blood amber can reduce the generation of free radicals in cells, thereby protecting cells from oxidative damage and has antioxidative effect. Therefore, blood amber is widely used in anti-aging and health care products.
Sterilization and disinfection: Blood amber also has the function of sterilization and disinfection, so it is also used as aromatherapy, which can effectively kill germs and play a role in controlling the infection of germs.
Soothe the nerves and calm the mind: blood amber itself contains a certain magnetic field, which can relax the nerves, relieve stress and tension, and make people in a peaceful and harmonious state, which is helpful for calming the mind and calming the mind.
Improve blood: The color of blood amber corresponds to human blood, which can relieve blood problems, promote blood circulation, and benefit your health. In addition, rubbing the skin with blood amber can also improve the complexion. Therefore, blood amber is also very suitable for frail people to wear.
Such a beautiful blood amber, what does his family want to tell us?
The blood amber family came to the human world, and it is a cooperative way of combining the properties of medicine and the beautiful properties of jewelry to present in the human world.
He contains a gentle and friendly magnetic field, caring and willing to nourish our inner blood.
The blood and qi in the human body are the basic power elements that make up the vitality of the human body and constitute the activity of the body. Blood amber carries a noble mission to manifest all of His inner expressions in physical form. When humans choose to cooperate with the power of Blood Amber, Blood Amber will also help the partner with its unconditional love and attention.
Blood amber is like the basic element of power that is missing in the human body. It will evenly stabilize its inner power and transmit it to every blood tissue in the body in a gentle way, so that they can get comfort and blessing. Such comfort and blessing will make the human body feel full of love and have stable spiritual power.
May the blood amber full of love and kindness make you full of energy every day!

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