Kyanite Bracelet

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9-day blessing: increase the vibration frequency of the crystal to create a true carrier of light
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The age of AI has arrived
Do you want to be replaced by AI? , or do you want to have an independent and emotional thought as a human being?
This question is worth pondering
But this crystal might help you today

Kyanite is a precious and rare gemstone, its quality can reach the level of gemstones, it is relatively rare in the market, and its value is very high. It is usually made into necklaces or rings, so it is better to make high-quality kyanite into bracelets. Show precious.
What is the guidance of the kyanite family to human beings?
The following is the information we obtained during the channeling process with the Kyanite family:
In the jewelry family, the Kyanite family is a small and unpopular glamorous group in the eyes of human beings. However, Kyanite, as a sharp weapon for human spiritual ascension, is indeed an indispensable force. It is like the window of the human soul. The faceless guardian of order.
The Kyanite family is the messenger of reason. They defend the truth and enter the rational world of people in a peaceful way. There are some garbled codes in the rational world of human beings. These garbled codes will be generated by the stream of consciousness that does not conform to the rules of space and space, and will make us miss the truth.
Human beings need to get closer to the truth and have a more objective way and method of understanding. Kyanite acts as a bridge to guide us to communicate with correct and pure rules in this process, allowing us to maintain the calibration frequency with the truth in complex interpersonal relationships and environments , put aside the ego emotions and consciousness in the head, and welcome the pure signal of truth.
Kyanite has the effect of stabilizing emotions, especially in the face of complex interpersonal and environmental relationships at all times. He can guide the subject in a very quick way to strip away emotional interference and maintain a rational and calm way to face the current chaos.
In a complex environment, human beings will have a set of logic that can refute the so-called facts and truths, but such logic needs to be optimized and upgraded in the process of operation. Kyanite also acts as a leader in this process, leading human beings Rebuild a logical system that understands the real world better and is more optimized and objective.
Calmness, the messenger of reason, guides you to meet the truth with an objective and rational attitude!

Customer Reviews

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Leigh Beto Hei
I like it so much

I like it so much! One string for me, one string for children. You can string together with your favorite crystals for various challenges

Fra Tusha
Cote d'Azur

Cote d'Azur, kyanite bracelet. The blue-white, blue-green symbiotic mine is very rare. It is very special in blue-gray tone when worn on the hand. "We are different"~