Green Phantom quartz Bracelet

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.How much do you know about the most popular "Ghost God of Wealth" green ghost crystal in the business world?
This is the most favorite crystal for investors/businessmen/business executives!
You will often see him placed in a company, a family position of wealth, to help others gain the power to attract more wealth.
Why is the Green Ghost so popular?
Because he is the "Ghost God of Wealth" crystal.
How much do you know about the crystal of wealth that everyone wants to own—the green ghost crystal?
Green ghost crystal refers to minerals such as volcanic mud of different colors contained in the crystal growth process, and green ghost crystal refers to minerals containing chlorite in the crystal growth process. Green ghost crystal is a natural crystal mineral. The volcanic mud contained in it presents different lifeline shapes, expressing a unique life force.
Because of the existence of these chlorites, this crystal called the green ghost also has special powers.
The following text is the information obtained by linking with the Green Phantom family in the case of direct psychic communication:
The green ghost crystal is a stable elder of wealth. He has a certain experience in obtaining wealth. He can stabilize when human beings sprint their own money quickly, allowing people to settle down from the rapid brake. Such a A kind of precipitation is also to help people to precipitate in the process of obtaining wealth. After precipitation, the sprinter has the power to manifest greater wealth, which is why the green ghost crystal is called "Ghost God of Wealth".
Placing the green ghost crystal in the financial position of the home and the company will promote the stability of the local magnetic field, help the whole family, and the company will manifest greater wealth.
Green ghost crystal is a crystal that contains the power of "growth and nourishment". Such a wonderful crystal, in the process of its growth, introduced the chlorite containing the growth power in the earth into the crystal, making these crystals naturally have a magnetic field that nourishes all things.
In the process of growth, all things need the nourishment of rain and dew. The green ghost is exactly the crystal with nourishing power. The purpose of his existence is to recognize the value of every life and to nourish his soul. The Green Phantom will not judge personal growth patterns, but he will properly provide the nutrients needed for the growth of all things, and give them the power of sunlight to help them grow towards the sun. When you wear the Green Phantom Crystal, He will treat you The recognition of life growth is as warm and comfortable as returning to the arms of a mother.
The green beam is the heart chakra and the power needed for the growth of all things. When the human heart chakra lacks the power to grow, we will feel the weakness of our inner strength. Weakness will make us fall into self-doubt and self-denial. This hazy atmosphere will make us lose our enthusiasm for work and the motivation to respond enthusiastically to life.
The green power of growth in the green ghost crystal is introduced into our heart chakra at this time, and it also provides nourishment for the growth of heart chakra and soul cells in a targeted manner, and introduces those planes of self-doubt into the hall of baptism.
The green ghost crystal has an indelible relationship with the green vegetation. Its existence seems to announce the arrival of spring, and it gives the same warm gift to those who warmly respond to them, and the wonderful experience of resonating with the green ghost crystal, just like you With an old friend, he is a big tree that can give you nourishment when you are tired.
In the journey of life, you need to carry the green ghost crystal with you to become that special beam of light!
May the "Ghost God of Wealth" absorb the steady power and nourishing power of wealth to walk with you as soon as possible!

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