Green Strawberry Quartz Bracelets

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Touhou Katrina: Anytime Psychic
9 Days of Purification: Formatting the Dark Signals of the Crystals
9-day blessing: increase the vibration frequency of the crystal to create a true carrier of light
High Frequency Crystals: Awaken Your Soul
Looking for a mission: Spiritual knowledge and high-frequency crystals will walk with you

Do you get stuck in personal emotions for a long time?
Do you feel sad for a long time because of other people's criticism?
Are you in chronic misery because you focus too much on yourself?
If a family member or colleague says something casually, it will be a whole day of depression
We can be easily influenced by others, leading to impaired self-esteem
Please stop this infighting!
Come wear strawberry crystals!

Strawberry Crystal is here to help you, to help you get rid of too much focus on yourself, and let you return to a state of joy and joy.
Strawberry crystal, the color of the inclusions in the crystal is red. This red color is like the blush on a girl's face. It is fresh and pleasant, and makes people want to get close. This is one of the reasons why strawberry crystal is loved by many female friends. .
What words does Strawberry Crystal's family want to tell us?
The magnetic field of the Strawberry Crystal family is like a friendly girl next door, which can help humans establish a close connection with Him faster, which is a further manifestation of the cooperation between humans and ores.
Strawberry Crystal has the power of natural joy, just like the childhood of human beings full of pure power. The moments of human childhood are marked by moments of purity and acceptance in the human spirit.
Adults will gradually lose this power in the process of experiencing the workplace and cooperating with more people. They will have more judgments about right and wrong, right and wrong. These right and wrong judgments come from the mental model of a person's self-system Operation, if we temporarily let go of this mature mental model operation mechanism, and embrace the Spring Festival and the level of acceptance in spirituality, the form of confinement of human beings to self-consciousness will be opened, and human beings will reconnect between the self and the true acceptance of the world. To create a point of equality, human beings no longer treat their unfamiliar fields in a judgmental mode, but face and accept these fields with an exploration and learning thinking.
Strawberry crystals can make people temporarily put down the self-centered mental operation mode. This kind of letting go will make people discover more the reality of the world, such as the motives of others' speaking, rather than the form of others' speaking, and it will also urge people To treat objectively the relatively negative thinking operations that occurred during the growth process or pay too much attention to the labels and images that you present to others.
Strawberry crystals symbolize maintaining joy and innocence to treat yourself and the surroundings at all times. He is the embodiment and manifestation of purity. You can maintain resonance with strawberry crystals for a long time, so that you can always be happy without any colored or hostile eyes Seeing the childish minds of yourself and others, this friendly mental model will also help you keep an empty glass to learn and grow.
Let go of self-focus and keep growing with joy!

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