Larimar (Sea Stone) Bracelets

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This is a mystical gift from the deep sea while gaining the gem of the Mermaid's blessing
Its mining area in the world is only 15 square kilometers.
It has a name rich in the atmosphere of Atlantis.
He is a gemstone with high marks for both appearance and energy --- Larimar Larimar is a very rare and precious gemstone, such a beautiful mineral only exists in the Dominican Republic, so it is an extremely rare gemstone, its available The mining area is only 15 square kilometers, and the minerals exist in the crevices or holes in the volcanic rocks in this place. Therefore, the mining of minerals must be done manually with tools such as shovels.
What kind of spiritual temperament does Larimar have?
The following is the information we obtained during our communication with the Larimar family:
Larimar possesses the energy of a quiet goddess, and she possesses euphemistic and gentle means of communication. She is an outstanding representative of the healing stone in the new era.
As a representative of the "sunny" gas field in the healing stone, it can slowly and peacefully enter the depths of our hearts, leading us to explore and understand ourselves deeply.
He can find the root of our temper and lead us into a deep meditative state in a gentle guiding way, making us aware of our mood swings through a peaceful and serene embrace.

This special ore contains the blessings to human beings across time and space from the era of Atlantis.
In the era of Atlantis, the beautiful dictionaries of sea, navigation, communication, and peace were always frequently manifested in that era, and these words expressed a beautiful and holy atmosphere. Larimar also drew the same nourishment in the era of Atlantis.
When you accept Larimar unconditionally, Larimar's tolerance and quiet magnetic field will also soothe your fluctuating emotions and the contradictions and debates in your deep inner self-awareness. He can lead you to surface the being that you want to express in your heart, heal your lack of confidence and uncertainty about expression, and lead you to speak through the beautiful singing voice of the Throat Chakra.
Larimar is a healing stone that calmly moves the delicate, calm and calm blue power into the body and mind. He is an outstanding representative of the healing crystal family.
Larimar has a soft, cool blue color, and contains tolerance and softness like Mother Earth. In the process of communicating and expressing with others, our throat chakra can transmit the power of gentleness and humility to the other party, which is convenient for the other party to listen to. Communication is a science that helps people get closer to each other. Therefore, Larimar also has an excellent role in the in-depth link of intimate relationships.
Larima combines the beautiful blue scenery to help us get rid of the dilemma of being disturbed by negative consciousness. He can guide us into a deep meditation mode, thereby helping us to inspire our talents and spiritual enlightenment.
When you feel troubled and muddy in your thinking, you can take Larimar to comfort you and help you quickly enter a peaceful world.
A beautiful and precious deep-sea gift, I hope you can meet one day.

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Magical Larimar!

Magical Larimar! Psychedelic blue, like seeing light in the sea...

Wen Duke
take my Tianhe and feel that the sky and the sea are blooming in your hands

The beauty of Larimar (Sea Stone) Bracelets is really not a little bit ~ like a gentle sky, take my Tianhe and feel that the sky and the sea are blooming in your hands