Pink Crystal Bracelets

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Touhou Katrina: Anytime Psychic
9 Days of Purification: Formatting the Dark Signals of the Crystals
9-day blessing: increase the vibration frequency of the crystal to create a true carrier of light
High Frequency Crystals: Awaken Your Soul
Looking for a mission: Spiritual knowledge and high-frequency crystals will walk with you

Here's the magic crystal to make you more social
Any poorly expressed heart will become extremely soft in front of Him
And the popularity of the opposite sex will be infinitely magnified
Come and release the infinite love in your heart together!
He is full of gentleness, softness, and feminine strength,
He is the care package that the earth sends to all things.
He is pink crystal!
You must have heard His name, even if you are wearing pink crystals right now.
Pink crystal has many charming names, rose crystal, hibiscus pink crystal and so on.
What role does pink crystal play when it comes to our human beings?
Here is the wonderful message I got after channeling the Pink Crystal:
He possesses an irresistible gentle and sweet frequency, and inherits the healing power of being flexible, strong, and full of holy love in space.
Rose Quartz can pry open the key in our heart chakra. In the long evolutionary journey of life, there will be negligent, malicious, and even criminal behaviors in our relationship with others. These imprints are accompanied by the memory written into our soul and hidden in the secret garden of the heart chakra.
When human beings allow the secret garden to be rooted deep in our hearts, human beings will gradually lose the ability to perceive love and the leading power to give love.
At such moments, Rose Quartz is like a perfect petite girl, able to accommodate our true appearance and give gentle and delicate care.
When human beings embrace this beautiful and gentle woman, human beings will immediately experience the joy of embracing true love.
Rose Quartz will distribute the power of love and forgiveness in our heart chakra and nerves in a balanced form, so that human beings have a high degree of love, forgiveness and compassion for themselves and others
Human beings will uncover the scars in the secret garden, repair and heal them sincerely, tear down the heart walls that prevent others from approaching, and face themselves and welcome others with a new look.
Rose Quartz will continue to act as a messenger of love, prompting the heart chakras between human beings to be filled with the quality of love.
Tear down the walls of your heart and make you a messenger of love!

Customer Reviews

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Jia Ni Mu
I like it very much.

The pink crystal bracelet is waxy and moist, and the soft pink light gives people a feeling of being contained in love. I like it very much.

I love everything about pink crystals!

I love everything about pink crystals!

Ba Luo Ning
Love it so much!

The pink bracelet reminds me of the beautiful moments of girls, youth, miss and touch. Love it so much!

Ben Ya Ke
Have a lot of love!

Have a lot of love! It's the feeling of receiving these pink hearts! Make your heart soft!

She is like a gentle girl singing softly by her side

I feel that I usually lack a little tenderness, so I bought this string of star pink crystal bracelets. She is like a gentle girl singing softly by her side, which makes people soften!