Ruby Bracelets(10.2-10.4mm/48.1g)

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9-day blessing: increase the vibration frequency of the crystal to create a true carrier of light
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Modern young people have a common problem,
It's just that there are too many ideas in my heart but I can't take the first step to implement them.
Can't blend in with the crowd and long to be noticed by others
These are all due to the weak energy of the bottom chakra
Use ruby! It will definitely help you
Create abundance right now!
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Red represents the strongest emotions - love and anger, passion and rage. It is a symbol of power and desire - like a fast car and a red rose. Early cultures regarded rubies as the blood flowing in their veins and believed that rubies held their life force.

Rubies are one of the most important colored gemstones in history. Rubies are mentioned four times in the Bible and are associated with beauty and wisdom. In the ancient language of Sanskrit, ruby is called ratnaraj, or "king of gems."

In the first century AD, the Roman scholar Pliny mentioned ruby in his Natural History, describing its hardness and density. The ancient Indians believed that whoever dedicates high-quality rubies to Krishna will be the emperor in the next life.

Hindus divide rubies into four social classes, and call the real oriental rubies Brahmins. Possession of a Brahmin is considered to enjoy absolute security.

There are centuries-old legends about rubies. Indians believed that rubies brought their owners to peaceful coexistence with their enemies. In Burma (a source of rubies since AD 600 - now known as Myanmar), warriors possessed rubies which made them invincible in battle. However, just wearing rubies is not enough. They had to implant it into the flesh, making them part of the body.

The name ruby comes from the Latin word ruber, meaning "red". The red color of ruby represents the inextinguishable flame in the gemstone. No, it can still flicker through clothes even when wearing clothes, and the flame is hot enough to boil water.

Ruby is known as the most precious of the 12 stones created by God.
Rubies retained their importance as the Western world was born and became one of the most sought-after gemstones among European royalty and high society. Rubies were worn by many medieval Europeans for good health, wealth and wisdom, and love.

Now, as in the past, people want rubies. As a symbol of passion, the ruby is an ideal romantic gift. Consumers are drawn to its intense color as it also signifies wealth and success.
What kind of message will the ruby, which combines beauty, power and wealth, convey to human beings?
Ruby is a gemstone that is full of vitality and contains the power of being close to the people.
He loves and protects our first chakra, which is close to the reality of Mother Earth. The first chakra, in this time and space with extremely dual characteristics, will suffer from dark factors, weaken or negate through immature interpersonal relationships, When you don't have enough faith to play authentic confidence in this dramatic time and space, please try the power of ruby.
Ruby and the Queen have an indelible connection. He is like a group of energy carrying the magnetic field of the Queen. It can lead you to let go of the relationship of opposition and struggle with Mother Earth, and help you radiate an intimate but noble energy. A field that allows you to adaptively create and manifest the power of abundance naturally in your life.
Ruby is a gem with a great sense of presence, which can make people who resonate with it feel positive, confident, and have the power to adapt to their critical environment more quickly. When it is full of swings, He will hold your hand and lead you through every present moment with stability and vitality.
Accompanying the moment is rich creation and manifestation

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